Chores for Kids

In teaching children about money don’t forget chores for kids. Teaching children the value of work goes hand in hand with teaching them about money.

Involving everyone in the house chores helps your children in numerous ways. I’ll just list a few here.

Family work teaches your kids RESPONSIBILITY. When a child has to be responsible for more than their own room they become more aware of the world around them.

I am reading a book called “Too much of a good thing.” It is about how we give our kids too much and expect too little. One of the reasons for sharing the family chores, in this book, is that when a child has to do more than simply pick-up after himself. But actually contribute to the family such as making a meal, doing laundry, etc. He will learn more compassion and self awareness.

It seems pretty basic to me, if a child only has to clean up his toys, his clothes, he can become self absorbed. He never learns to look at the needs of others. But when a child understands all the work that goes into running a house he realizes that the world does not revolve around him. He realizes that it takes work to mow the lawn and have clean clothes and a clean bathroom. He learns that he is responsible for part of this work.

Chores for kids also reaches the VALUE OF HARD WORK. I hear too often from kids mostly, but adults too “but, that’s hard.” As if that is sufficient reason not to do something. If kids can learn that yard work is hard, but they are capable of it, they will go far! I know this is true even for me, when my house is a mess and I would rather just light a match to the whole thing than clean it, I am frustrated and think it is too hard. But I finally buckle down and get it done and at the end I am happier. I feel better being in a clean space and knowing I did it. I know I did a good job. Kids are the same way. And they need that satisfaction. They need to have that feeling of completing a task that was not selfish, and was hard, and succeeding!

Chores for kids teaches them NOT TO EXPECT HANDOUTS! If every morning your child wakes up and the dishes are done, the breakfast is made and the clothes are clean ready for school, he has rides to and from school, comes home to a clean house, does his homework, watches TV, eats a dinner that is prepared for him at a table that is set for him, then puts on clean pajamas that he didn’t wash and climbs into a bed, he has learned that the world revolves around him and it will always be that way.

What a shock and injustice it will be to that child to leave home one day and learn that he has no skills to take care of himself. Allowing kids the opportunity to do chores teaches them life skills. It also helps not to expect someone to be there to pick up the pieces and give them a handout when they don’t do whatever needs done.

Now getting back to finances. Responsibility, hard work, no handouts, these are all skills necessary when managing money. And hard work not only teaches them how to manage money but how to earn it as well, which goes to responsibility (providing for your needs) and no handouts (no debt, no welfare)

That gives us the why we should have chores for kids. Now lets discuss some of the how to have chores for kids.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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