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Want to become one of the best debt busters around? Learn how to turn a weakness into a strength!

My 3-year-old daughter is all girl. She loves princesses and dress up. She has beautiful blonde hair that she lets me curl. She has piercing blue eyes and a lovely smile.

She also used to be deathly afraid of any bug, even flies. And since we live in an older home in SE Arizona there tend to be a few creepy crawlies here and there. Flies, spiders, weird beetles, etc. If she saw one outside she would come screaming inside, waking up her napping brother, in tears because she saw a bug.

If there was a fuzzy string on the floor she thought it was a bug. She would not go to sleep at night or wake up convinced there were bugs in her bed. This went on for quite some time. We tried all different methods to help calm her fears. We even took her to the doctor thinking something was wrong with her eyesight since she was sure there were bugs in her bed.

Finally my husband had a great idea. He decided to nickname her the “Bug Stomper.” He empowered her to kill the bugs.

Soon after this started neighboring farms started to spray their cotton crop in preparation for harvest. This causes very large black beetles to invade all surrounding areas. So we had some in our yard. To be honest I am creeped out by them. But we thought this is the best test. We told her to go get some shoes on and stomp on these beetles. She DID IT! We were so thrilled. Ever since she has had no problems with bugs.

Sometimes she will be scared just for a second then a light comes on and she says, “wait I’m a bug stomper!” in her little voice. So we now have the cutest little girl in the whole world (I may be a little biased) running around our house saying, “I’m a bug stomper!”

You can become one of the best debt busters even though you may be a little scared about debt problem. They are great at finding debt and eliminating it. They are not scared of the changes that will come. Debt busters welcome getting rid of their problem and becoming great financial managers. Here are some tips and links for ways to get rid of that debt.

1. Find your weaknesses and don’t put yourself in a difficult situation – If you often go into debt for clothes even when you don’t wear what you have. Don’t go to the mall. If you use your credit card to go out to ear, plan some new tasty recipes at home you can’t wait to try. If you go to the store for 3 things but come out with a cart full, make a list and commit to stick to it. Basically go over your next statement and look at the places you spend the most debt, avoid those places! At least until you are stronger.

2. Ask for help – A great debt buster tip is to find a partner. Whether your actual partner or a friend. Find someone who also wants to be part of debt busters and make a plan together, then report to each other on a regular basis. When things are measured they improve. Really track how you are doing and then enjoy your success with a fellow debt buster. For more tips go to our debt steps. It outlines ways to get rid of unnecessary spending, budget and then use all that extra dough to get rid of all your debt! Think of what freedom you would have by not having any debt and follow the link below for more debt busting tips. Debt Busters

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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