Frugal Living

Frugal Living doesn't always sound appealing. But in reality it can be fun!

Finding that great deal or searching for the best quality and a low price can become addicting. It's almost like a treasure hunt.

The reason it can sound restricting is because when you are practicing frugal living, you don't just buy whatever you want, whenever you want to. You don't always get that instant gratification of addictive buying.

Instead you get a great deal that won't break the bank or make you feel guilty.The reason frugal living is so important is because spending less gives you more money to put toward debt.

In fact it is the non-frugal lifestyle that probably got you into debt. Frugality will help you get out of all those habits and really look at how you spend money in all areas of your life.

It doesn't only mean you will simply spend less, it means you will get the most for your money. And not spend on impulse.

Frugal living can encompass many areas such as groceries, entertainment, internet & cell phone, clothing, utilities, etc. I will go through a few of these and discuss ways that my family or other families I know have cut expenses.

For example my friend showed me a website called bountiful baskets. I can buy a laundry basket full of fresh produce for $15/week. I get whatever is in season plus a few items that the kids always like, such as strawberries, apples or grapes.

I can also order a Mexican or Italian package from time to time, they will include things like peppers, tomatoes, or whatever would usually go with that type of meal. These are for an additional amount but still far lower than the grocery store.

However I have to plan and pay a week ahead. That means I am not going to the store where I would spend more money and I am not and buying on impulse a few items I "forgot" to put on my list

On the linked pages you will find some great tips. But, these ideas are not meant to be the complete or even best ideas out there.

These frugal living ideas will help you get started in the right direction. You will start thinking about ways to decrease spending while still maintaining a great standard of living. Then you can adapt the ideas on this website to fit your family. Using Coupons Breastfeeding

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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