Gas Money Saving Tips

The price of gas has gone up so much the price for the cheap stuff is an arm, medium grade a leg, and the expensive; your first born child
Gas money saving tips is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

We get the question from Robert in New York State. What can I do about the price of gas doubling over the last three years?

I have a job where I have to travel about 60 miles a day and I have no hope of getting them to reimburse me for my travel to and from work each day. What can I do?

It is killing me financially to keep doing what I am doing.

Please Help.

Well Robert you are not alone in your quest to end the gas war on America. And find some gas saving tips.

Most people are in the situation where they have to work to make money to pay for gas so that they can go to work.

I have a friend that has a “real job” he travels in his car about 2500 miles a month and spends about $600 in gas each month. That is a huge hit for his roll-up margin.

So he is doing what I am doing starting out slow and building an online income through affiliate programs and add revenue he is now making about $400 a month.

Just about enough to pay for the increase in his gas bill. The real problem is that it is not just the gas saving tips for cars that we need to look at when the gas for cars go’s up we have to think about saving electricity and also your gas heating. These all can put a dent in you living a debt free life. But let’s take them one at a time.

More Gas Money Saving Tips

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"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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