Out of Debt by Being Clean

Clean is a easy one to line up with getting out of debt.

A clean life is not just talking about taking a shower each day but it is about clean living.

Don’t smoke it is not good for you and it costs a lot of money. If you are a smoker, you quit and put all the money that was going toward cigarettes to debt. Say it’s even, $20/day (I know a few people spend that much) that is $140 a week or about $600 a month. That is a huge amount that can go toward debt.

Now what if you added a six pack of beer to the equation. They are what $9.00 but you would not do one a day maybe one a week. Plus any weekend partying. That’s at least an extra $50/mo.

what about all the Gas you could save by not going out to the parties…an extra $100 a month or so. This is just the legal party stuff. I don’t even want to get into how much you could save by keeping yourselves clean of the not so legal party stuff.

By being clean in body and by not putting anything into your body that will harm it you can also have some other benefits. You can free up your mind to work for you to get out of debt. You can free up your time to do proactive things that will help you make a little extra money to get out of debt. We should also talk about being clean in you appearance and thoughts and actions. Being clean in you appearance seams like a no-brainer. People trust you and will hire you more if you are clean looking. If you don’t believe this think about the last time you went to a Denny’s restaurant and the waiter came out with a nose ring, a tongue ring, and colored hair. You might raise an eyebrow, that’s about all.

What if you were at a bank and you sat down with the branch manager and she were dressed in the same manner as the waiter. Would you want to save your money there? Could you trust her?

The point is being clean both in outward appearance and inward health will greatly impact your finances.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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