Out of Debt by Being Courteous

Courteous can help you get out of debt. It is the simple please and thank you of life.

But can it go beyond simple manners and help save you money. Like the rest of the Scout Law it can help you with your debt.

When you are asking for debt assistance you will want to be courteous. The people you talk to have the power to help you with debt consolidation, help you get rid of the late payments on your mortgage debt help, with all kinds of debt management and other debt assistance.

But only if you are nice to them and they want to help you.

I was doing a two year mission for my Church in New Jersey when one day a lady came up to me on the street and asked if the guy I was with would like a job.

We politely said that we were not looking for work but thank you for offering. She said that she knew who we were and that we would not take money for our pay while we were working for our church. But she said that she wanted us to come back and work for her in her company when we were done with our mission.

I asked her why she would want us to come and work for her. She did not even know us. And she said that Missionaries were always so courteous. And they (us missionaries) reminded her of little cub scouts. I said thank you for the complement and we went on our way.

Life is good and it is easer to get out of debt if you are courteous.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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