Out of Debt by Being Friendly

How can being friendly help you get out of debt?

Well in the helpful page I told you how customers being helpful when I talked to them made it more pleasant to collect money from and help them.

The same goes for friendly. If you are friendly with people helping you with a debt consolidation, or with anyone helping you answer the question “how can I get out of debt?”

Whether it is someone from discover card calling you because you missed a payment or if it is someone helping you with your mortgage debt be friendly. Anything you can learn to help you get out of debt is a good thing.

Friendly is shown in many ways. One way that friendly has helped me to get out of debt is that people do things for you if you are friendly. Things just happen…good things.

For example while I was going through college I remembered the Scout Law and tried to use it in my life. So when I talked to people I would be friendly no matter what.

One day I had to take a test in the testing center and I was running a little late. I got there just after the time to take the test without a fee but I built a quick relationship with the person handing out the tests and then asked if I could skip paying the late test fee. They said, "Oh ok just this once." And let me do it.

Now a $5 fee for a test is not much but I use this all the time. I used it to rent a U-Haul truck to move to our current house. I called the company up and ask for there best rate $1200. Then I said thank you where are you from? We got to talking and after a few min. I ask what the rate was again and they said let me see if I can get anything better for you. And all of the sudden it came back as $600 half of what they had just quoted me. The only thing that was different was that I had a chance to be friendly with them and make there day a little nicer. So they wanted to do something for me.

Being friendly needs to be sincere. Really care about other people. If you are just doing it for your own gain it is not being friendly and will show through.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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