Out of Debt by Being Kind

Being kind can help you get out of debt.

Some people would think that being kind is the same thing as being helpful and courteous. That is not the case. Being kind is different because it is action. You have to do something different.

A kind word is not just the word but how you say the word. A kind deed is not just the deed but what your intent is. But how can being kind help you with your debt?

Like the other points of the Scout Law being kind will help you get a job keep a job and even advance in the one you are in.

Being kind also has a power all its own to make you think differently, kinder. When you are kind in your heart you are able to have a clear mind that you can use to “remember” things you should do to better your life.

In the book the “Einstein Factor” they call this “Vision Streaming” your mind is a huge hard drive that remembers everything you see think and do. If you are kind you are able to use that to set your self up for greatness.

I do this all the time…Just before I go to sleep I just let my mind wander putting the ideas of the day in order remembering things I need to do, bills that need to be paid, phone calls that I need to make. Then I write the thoughts down (Actually I click then into my Task list in my cell phone but my wife hates the clicking) through recording my thoughts I can now use the vision streaming to get out of debt.

Now some may say that is a huge stretch from being kind to getting rid of debt. But what if I was not kind that day? My mind would be fixed on the unkind thing I did not on the proactive things that I need to do the next day to forward my career or to make some extra money get ri of debt faster.

You know a lot of information. If your mind is open to “remember” things you know you can have help getting out of debt from your own mind. You can find ways to get out of credit card debt, you mortgage debt and you will remember how you should approach your debt management.

Should you buy that debt management program you see advertised? Your mind knows the answer already you just need to be and do kind things so that your mind can be free to answer your question of how do I get out of debt.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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