Out of Debt by Being Loyal

Can being loyal help you get out of debt?

Being loyal means faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due.

Sometimes in life we may catch a break. We find a way around doing something because of a loop hole. We find out that if we say something about someone else behind their back it might make us look good. In reality if we are loyal we will follow the golden rule. You will not do things that hurt someone else just to help yourself.

Being loyal can help you get with debt also. When you work hard and help others life is simpler and then you will find you receive the help you need.

Story Time. Once there was a man that had to have something. He wanted it so badly that he would do anything at all to get it. So he went and talked to a banker about borrowing some money to pay for it. The banker agreed and a contract was signed. The debtor would make small payments along the way and sometime in the future he would pay the debt in full.

Well as time went by the thing that he had to have became less and less important to him and he began to neglect it and also making the payments for it to the banker became harder and harder. When the time to pay the debt off in full came due he had no money to pay it.

So the banker showed him the contract that stated that if he did not pay he would lose his property. And he would go to jail. But he had a loyal friend that came to his rescue because he needed help getting out of debt. This loyal friend made the man a deal, “if you will take me on as your creditor you will make the payments to me I will pay off the banker and you will be able to keep what you have and not go to jail.”

The man took him up on the offer and the loyal friend became the creditor. Notice he did not just pay the friends way but he saved him from losing everything and gave him help with his debt.

Sometimes we look for the easy way out of debt and then creditor or someone else is unjustly cheated. Being loyal and working with others who are loyal also will help you get out of debt with a clear conscious and build the needed financial skills.

"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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