Student Debt Help

This is the student debt help section that you will most likely be in.

Over 80% of people going to college have to go into some kind of student loan debt for it. Any debt is bad debt so…80% of people going to college need to find out how to get out of student loan debt once they graduate from college.

There are several ways to handle the student loan debt. If you can minimize the money that you have to borrow and use grants and scholarships whenever you can you can ease a lot of the student debt you get into.

But what do you do if you already have a huge student debt load.

Like any other debt you can follow the debt steps.

You can also take advantage of all kinds of government debt help programs. For example I found out that if you make 24 on time payments to your student debt you can get a 1.5% reduction in your interest rate. That would save a huge amount of interest over the life of a Student loan.

Also if you set up an auto payment you can save .5%-1.5% interest. Once again that is a huge amount of money over the life of a student loan debt account.

If you do a student debt consolidation you can save anywhere from 3-5% on your loan. You can also lower the payments by a lot to help ease the monthly cash flow and free up some roll-up margin.

Remember the best debt is no debt so get all debt paid off as soon as you can. But with that said some debt does take priority over other.

You would not want to pay off a 2% fixed student loan when you have a 29% credit card with any balance at all.

If you can list all your debt student debt and consumer debt and prioritize it according to when you can get it paid off you will be a world ahead of the game just by knowing when you will be out of debt.

To sum up…

  • Know you have a problem and need student debt help
  • No debt is good debt.
  • Analize exactly what you need to do to get out of debt.
  • Pay it off by what ever method you can.
  • Don’t go into more debt. Quit while you are ahead.
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"A man in debt is so far a slave,"
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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